Luan D. Dang
President, Strategic

Mr. Dang is President of Strategic Investments for Curo Capital LLC, and Co-Manager of the Curo Capital Appreciation Fund I LLC...

Alan S. Knitowski
President, Alternative Investments

Mr. Knitowski is President of Alternative Investments for Curo Capital LLC, and Co-Manager of the Curo Capital Appreciation Fund I LLC...

The Company’s Founders are experts at start-up and young company building and have successfully been involved in directly creating, founding, building, operating, advising, investing, managing, governing and/or monetizing 16 successful companies since 1999, with all liquidity events occurring “post Internet bubble” (defined as post March 2000).

These companies include 4 businesses that were respectively acquired by Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) in November 2000, Internet Security Systems (NASDAQ: ISSX) in October 2002 (which was subsequently purchased by IBM (NYSE: IBM) in August 2006), Level 3 Communications (NASDAQ: LVLT) in July 2003 and Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HPQ) in December 2006.

These companies also include 3 businesses now trading publicly as Vonage Holdings (NYSE: VG), Caneum (OTC Other: CANM) and Trycera Financial (OTC BB: TRYF), 4 businesses privately held as Managers and Funds, 2 businesses privately held as personal LLCs and 3 businesses privately held as traditional technology / media start-ups (Edgewater Networks, Inc., Windspring, Inc. and Vootage, Inc.).

Members and affiliates of the Company often act as a virtual executive team to their customers’ core management teams and collectively pride themselves in a specialty practice area of managing “hyper growth in a box”.

To that end, the Company’s corporate advisory and investment banking services include:

• Corporate organization and structure (private and public)
• Private equity, institutional equity and debt financing options
• Corporate business planning and strategy
• Technology planning and strategy
• Operational planning and strategy
• Strategic alliances and partnerships
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Corporate governance
• Due diligence
• Capital sources and the formation of financial transactions
• Corporate finance methods and systems
• Market alternatives to maximize shareholder value (private and public)

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